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standard parts and access components catalogues


standard parts and access components catalogues


AV Components specialise in anti-vibration parts, acoustic hangers , machine mounts, levelling feet and spring mounts. You can view parts, prices, discount breaks and CAD here on our website. We have a wide selection to choose from and hold a lot of stock, if an item is not in stock it's usually on a week lead time.

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Anti-Vibration Mounts

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Anti-Vibration Components Ltd
(Automotion Components Ltd) Alexia House
Little Mead Industrial Estate
GU6 8NE (UK)

Tel 01483 426 774
Fax 0845 850 99 41


Anti-Vibration Mounts
Anti-Vibration Components are specialists in supplying anti-vibration components and solutions. As well as anti-vibration cylinders we stock a huge range of parts including:
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts.
  • Anti-Vibration Cylinders.
  • Levelling Feet.
  • Ceiling Hangers
Machine Mounts
Standard Anti-vibration Mounts
Anti-vibration Machine Mounts: Steel (P2103)
- In stock, order online!
  • Automotion stocks the largest range of anti-vibration machine mounts. These come in very small sizes from 20kg up to the larger sizes 750kg, with threads from M10 to M20. We hold a lot of stock. Non-stocked parts are typically on a 7-10 day lead time.
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V Shaped anti-vibration  Mounts
Anti-vibration V Shaped Mounts: (P2104) - In stock, order online!
Our V-Shaped mounts are commonly used for engines, especially ones on a boat as they have 3 Axes of movement.
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Dome anti-vibration mounts
Anti-vibration Dome Mounts: 316 Stainless (P2105) - In stock, order online!
  • The design of the Dome Mounts makes them ideal for machines that move in 3 directions.
  • Can not be used when oils or lubricants are present.
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    Anti-vibration anchor mounts
    Anti-Vibration Anchor Mounts: (P2107) - In stock, order online!
  • These mounts have a three point anchorage system, which gives good shock & isolation proportion.
  • Used for oscillations higher than 15 H2.
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